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Smart Scale Balance

Ref: BEEW 05
Consult € (IVA incl)

Smart Scale is a scale connected to a hive that can be used with different models of hives (Langstroht, Dadant, layens, etc.) and that allows to measure the weight of the increase of honey or wax or of the entire hive and many data more.
The scale can be put under the hive. If so, it will give the weight of the entire hive, the temperature and the external humidity.
Made of heat-treated ash wood for better resistance to inclement weather, insect pests and the spread of diseases.
It can also be placed between the body and the increase, it allows to indicate the weight of the increase or increases or rather of the production of honey if it occurs in the increase.
In this case, the temperature and humidity inside will increase.
The weight of all the products of the hive and an estimate of the distribution or percentages of these (honey, wax, royal jelly, propolis ,,,) will be determined by this scale.
The balance is powered by solar energy.
The information is received via email once a day and every hour on the manufacturer's website as well as urgent alerts in case of theft or lack of production of honey, SMS or email.
Up to 10 auxiliary scales can be connected to a main scale, for every 10 units supplied, one series is the main one and 9 is the auxiliary one, or according to customer requirements.

Data given by the balance:
  • The weight of honey production.
  • Hive orientation.
  • Outside temperature and humidity rate.
  • Weather status.
  • Air quality and latitude.
  • Location gms coordinates.

  • The information allows:
  • Detecting honey and feeding.
  • Optimization of transhumance and avoids trips to meals.
  • Identification of the food deficiency of bees.
  • Brood management and management of the location and productivity of the hives.

  • Technical characteristics:
  • Approximate weight: 2 kilos.
  • Material: Ash wood.
  • Paint: linseed oil.
  • Accuracy between 10 and 150 kg: 1%.
  • New battery-free technology.
  • Autonomy of 5 years.
  • Weather resistant.
  • No adjustments.
  • Its use does not require subscriptions.

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