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Eco universal rectangular stainless steel boiler.

Ref: MAQAPCC_000
490.00 € (IVA incl)

Boiler made of stainless steel and with a rectangular shape in a universal model, simple, effective and economical and proven for many years in the beekeeping guild, with a capacity for extracting wax of approximately 14 layesn squares, 20 langstroth or 15 dadant chambers. breeding.

Boiler with approximate body dimensions of 590x410x620 millimeters and a total height of 825 millimeters. The legs or support are part of the boiler, that is, they are welded to the body.

The boiler inside has a tray where the impurities are deposited and a basket to introduce the frames, the bottom of the boiler is filled with water up to the required level that is controlled with the inlet tube (level with the inlet tube flush). Once the bottom of the boiler is heated by the gas stove, steam is generated, which is what melts the wax of the paintings that are in the basket.

Recommended mode of use:
  • Put the squares inside the boiler to melt the wax or clean.
  • Close the lid of the boiler.
  • Fill the bottom of the boiler through its corresponding water filling tube.
  • Put a stove under the boiler and light the flame
  • Once the water boils due to the fire in the stove, steam is produced that melts the wax in the frames, once the wax is melted it comes out through the outlet tube.
  • Regularly check the water level in the double bottom

Summary features:
  • Universal model, valid for layens, langstroth and dadant.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel (body and legs).
  • Steam boiler designed to work with a gas stove.
  • Gas stove not included.
  • Sheet thickness: 0.80mm.
  • External section: 590x410mm.
  • External body height: 620mm.
  • Total height: 825mm.
  • Basket internal dimensions: 530x350x490mm.

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Best price-quality boiler to melt paintings in 2022.

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