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Queen marker in pot with applicator-u.

Ref: SUCRIA_010
3.25 € (IVA incl)

Small bottles with applicator to mark queens, there are 5 internationally standardized colors as color codes per year.
Each bottle is of a color to choose from in the current year.
Supplied per unit and color.

The colors are:
  • Blue 2015, 2020.
  • White 2016, 2021.
  • Yellow 2017, 2022.
  • Red 2018, 2023.
  • Green 2019, 2024

  • Characteristics:
  • Type: bottle with applicator.
  • Colors Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Green:

How to use:
Take the box containing the queen out of the hive and place it in an easy and safe position.
Unscrew the cap from the bottle, the cap will carry the correct amount of color on the top of the applicator to mark the queen.
With a box marking cage, gently trap the queen on the comb or any other type of cage.
Important Do not press too hard not to harm the queen.
Once the queen is immobilized, touch the top of the cap applicator to the chest, leaving a sharp stain of the chosen color that will dry quickly.

Periodically check the fluidity of the enamel in the jars and if necessary add a few drops of solvent based on nitrocellulose or acetone.


Isobutyl acetate (10-30%); Ethyl acetate (10-20); N-Butyl Acetate (5-9); Nitrocellulose (Nitrogen <12.6); Acetone (5-9); Butoxyethanol (1-5); Xylene (1-5); 2-Propanol (1-5); Butyl Alcohol (1-3); Ethylbenzene (0-0.5); Methyl methoxyethyl acetate (0-0.5); Methyletichetone (0-0.5);

Note: To get experience and practice in queen marking you can always practice with a few drones before marking a queen for the first time, as the queen is very valuable, the drone not so much.


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