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Neo-nosapiol 500cc.

Ref: TACO_002X
Precios € (IVA incl):
1 ud - 4.50
> 39uds - 4.25

Concentrate for the preparation of syrup, complementary bee food for diarrhea, natural intestinal antiseptic.
Indicated to activate the defenses of the intestine of bees when the temperature is mild and the humidity is high, in order to prevent intestinal disorders.
Approximately to treat about 25 hives.
Digestive for bees in periods of confinement due to unfavorable weather.
When the bees are active in the sun at noon, the humidity is high, and there is no external flowering, the essential circumstances exist that prevent cleaning flights (late afternoon) and favor the accumulation of residues in the bottom of the hive.
In these situations, the appearance of more or less serious digestive disorders for bees is frequent, which can disappear when the weather changes or there is some flowering.
In areas where these problems are frequent, in spring or autumn, neo-nosapiol can be given every year, to help prevent this situation, only once, when the bees begin to breed if it is spring, or in the last broods if it is fall.
Neo-nosapiol (plant extracts, with the addition of a preservative) can also be given to improve the sugar syrups used in the feeding of bees. In this case, it is recommended to add a bottle of neo-nosapiol to every 25 liters of syrup.
Store in a cool, dry place. Available loose and in boxes of 40 units.

Vegetable extract, sugar (sucrose), natural chamomile aroma, additives: caramel coloring: E-150A, preservative: potassium sorbate E-202, csp100 water.

How to use:
Add 100 grams of sugar to each bottle of neo-nosapiol, shake to dissolve and spray the mixture on the bees with a spray to help them recover from these intestinal disorders.
It is recommended that the spray be as fine as possible and wet the bees in the brood squares, in all the hives in the apiary with problems.
For a better result it is convenient to repeat this application at least 3 times, with intervals of one week.

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