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Sublimox 220v oxalic vaporizer.

Ref: TACO_036
375.00 € (IVA incl)

OFFER: € 380.00 ; New price 375.00 €

Sublimox vaporizer of 220 volts and 300 watts, it is used for the vaporization of oxalic acid, it is designed to improve and diffuse oxalic acid vapors in the hive in the best conditions of safety and effectiveness, it is a professional sublimator for hive treatments and It is one of the fastest on the market with only about 25 seconds per hive. Weighing only 480 grams.

  • Thermostat that controls the temperature and maintains it between 180 ° and 185 ° C.
  • Made of AISI 316 stainless steel, easy to clean.
  • Round hive entrance nozzle Ø6mm (valid for layens, langstroth, dadant hives, etc).
  • Quick treatment (about 25 seconds) and regulated dose, since it is monodysis.
  • Electric resistance 220 volts of high quality, without gas, without risk of fire.
  • Resistance power: 300 watts.
  • CE marking.
  • Transformer required for 12v: 300/600 watts (not included).

Mode of Use:
Connects to a 230V power supply for domestic use, gasoline generator or a car battery using an inverter 12v to 220v (generator and inverter not included) Wait about 2 minutes until the appliance reaches its temperature, enter the dose of 1 gram and apply.

Use a protective mask , gloves and goggles for the application .

Do not use extension cords or very long cables, we recommend a maximum of 3 to 6 meters maximum, for a better performance of the appliance use the series cable without an extension cord.

Advice for use:
It is advisable to isolate the queen during oxalic acid treatments.
The product cannot pass through the capped wax to the brood.
If there is a lot of brood then the treatment will not be very effective, the treatment should be done in the absence of brood.
The queen isolated in a cage for a few days, allows the hive not to breed and the queen does not get stressed.
Before using this appliance with oxalic acid, study the risks to your health and that of your bees.
It is very important to equip yourself well when handling oxalic acid because it is a toxic substance. To avoid the risk of inhalation or contact with the skin, the beekeeper must wear a disposable suit in addition to the beekeeper's suit, suitable gloves for acids, suitable masks, goggles, etc. and great caution.


Oxalic acid applied sublimately is not allowed in Spain for the treatment of varroa, unlike Apivar, Apitraz, Apistan, etc.

Apícola los pedroches disclaims any responsibility for the improper use of this Device.

Before any use, we invite you to seek advice from your nearest beekeepers association or consult the legislation of your autonomous community or country.

The oxalic acid used with this device must be Api-Bioxal type or similar that is allowed by current legislation.

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User Manual

Supplied in a red or gray tool box, depending on availability.

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